Starfish PBX is an new and young project an we’re trying to do our best to answer you questions and solve your problems. If you need help here are some places you can start :


A list of frequently asked questions (and their answers). This section will evolve and we’ll add more common question as they arise. It’s a good idea to check if your question is not already answered in the FAQ.


The community documentation site. Here you can find tutorials written by our users or you can even write ones yourself. Don’t hesitate to use the search function to if you don’t find the answer from the begining. Wiki


The forum is a good starting point to get in touch with community and look for information and answers. We appreciate any feedback and here is a good place to say what you like and you don’t like about the project. Get on the Forum !

IRC Channel

If you’re looking for a realtime conversation regarding the project you can join our #starfish-pbx chatroom on If you don’t have a irc client installed you can use the webchat to join in : Webchat

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