StarFish PBX it’s an free/open source project and we’re looking forward for your help to make it better! There are may ways you can contribute:

File Bugs

If you find bugs in Starfish PBX please let us know by filling a bug report in our bug tracker. Before adding a bug please check if it’s already been filed. You can also help others with their bug reports by trying to clarify their reported problem and /or confirm that you can reproduce the bug.

Help Others

By using our forums, irc channel or by writing up tutorials and docummenting the application in the wiki you can help other by sharing your knowledge.

Write Code

We welcome code contributions from anyone, whether you have a one-line fix or a big idea. You can submit your patches to our bug tracker . If you have a question or  you don’t know where to start , you can always open a topic on the development section of forum.

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